About Meet Our Staff

Joseph Enverga

Soup Kitchen Director &
Interim Children's Ministry Director

Staff Photos - Joseph

From Soup Kitchen patrons and volunteers to children in Grades 1-6, Joseph loves to make everyone smile. It also doesn't take a lot to make him laugh. Whatever it may be, you'll know he seeks to serve the Lord in whatever capacity.

Gaining valuable experience serving as an intern under Morningstar Christian Fellowship's (FEB) Outreach Pastor for three and a half years (2010-2013), Joseph seeks to build bridges to the community through his ministry with the Soup Kitchen as he raises funds, manages volunteers, and entertains patrons.

Prior to moving to Fort McMurray in September 2014, Joseph has lived in the Philippines (7 yrs), Saudi Arabia (3 yrs), and Toronto. He is excited to be a part of his new hometown.

For fun, Joseph enjoys adventures on a snowboard, whether it be at Vista Ridge or in the Rockies. And when the snow melts, you will find him cruising on a longboard or making more tennis buddies on the courts.

Email: joseph@fbcfm.ca