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Mark Usher

Associate Pastor

Staff Photos - Pastor Mark

Pastor Mark Usher made his decision to devote himself to following Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour at the age of 14.  He has been involved in various ministries over the years but has a special interest and love for discipleship and mission oriented ministry. As an Associate Pastor at NorthLife Fellowship Baptist Church he enjoys building up the church family through discipleship ministries which occurs in groups or one-to-one.  Over the past four years (and planning to continue into the future), he has led teams to Honduras where they minister to pastors and missionaries. Also, to assist the local church to build relationships within its community, he manages and supervises the construction of water purification stations where the community can obtain pure drinking water.  Pastor Mark has obtained his degrees in northern Alberta at Peace River Bible Institute, and through Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia.  Pastor Mark is very happily married to his wife Evelyn and of their three children, two are also married. He is looking forward to being a Grandpa in the future and for diversion, Pastor Mark loves to play squash in the winter and to sail during the summer months.