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Our Pre-School ministry is currently seeking volunteers for the following positions. Our Pre-School ministry runs during our Sunday services, from 10:30am to 11:30am. Some preparation during the week may be necessary.

  1. Co-Teacher for the Saplings 2 class (2 Positions) – We are looking at starting a 2 year old class and are looking for 2 individuals to share the teaching time to allow each teacher the opportunity to attend the Sunday morning services.  All materials are prepped beforehand.  
  2. Assistant for the Sprouts Teacher (ages 4/5) – We need someone to help with classroom activities.  An extra set of hands to help with snacks, drinks, crafts, and play.  Perhaps a lap to sit on or a hand to hold.  
  3. Sprouts/Saplings Substitute Teacher (ages 4/5) – We currently have 2 teachers who share the role of Sprouts teacher but it would be nice for them to have someone to call on to teach on a Sunday when neither one of them can.  All materials are prepped beforehand and we’d love to have you watch and teach a few times with one of our teachers in the room to help you get a feel for how things go on a regular Sunday morning before you take a class by yourself.

For more information, or to receive an application form, please email our Pre-School Ministry director, Kristy Laidlaw.