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2016 Sermons

Thank you for visiting our sermons page. Here, you will find the sermons preached at NorthLife in 2016. It is grouped by sermon series. Otherwise, you can find "stand alone sermons" at the bottom of the page. To view this same listing for other years, please click on the year you wish to view: 2015 Sermons, 2017 Sermons.

Otherwise, go to our Sermon Archive to view the sermons in chronological order. Also, you can now "subscribe" to our podcast via iTunes by going to our Sermon Podcast page.

2016 Sermons

Sermon Series - Seven Cosmic Conflicts - Banner

Sermon Series - NeverTheSameAgain

Sermon Series - Relentless Sermon Series

Sermon Series - No Ordinary Blog!

Sermon Series - AlmightyAndDollar

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