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I was thinking about types of power as the wind passed over my sails and swept my boat forward. The water, fire, wind, are forces of creation which wield power. I held my hand up letting the wind hit my palm. I closed my palm knowing that my effort to contain the wind in my hand would be in vain. I could have done the same with the water, and I am sure fire would be similar, but I will let someone else try that one.

What I observed was that in my attempt to hold the wind, I felt the wind wrap around my hand. I mused on this and thought how similar it is when we try to grab power. Instead of ceasing it, power wraps itself around us and controls us in the end.

Take Nero for example. At 17 years old he ruled the Roman Empire. Yet the power consumed him and he became a murdering, thieving despot until he died at age 30, when the power he thought he controlled moved past him like the wind. It left him in ruins and finally dead. Even the ruler of the Roman Empire submitted to the power of death.

There is only one Person, Jesus Christ, Who owns the power over life, death, and creation and upholds the universe in His hand. He controls the wind, the water, and fire. This beautiful Person has given us the power of the Holy Spirit to share for the eternal good of others. "Love your neighbor..."

There is another power that is mentioned in the Bible, and that is the power of the resurrection. This too is under the authority of our Lord and Savior. When a person who has power invites us to join his/her cause, we gladly join when it is beneficial.

Jesus Christ, unlike Nero, had the power to be resurrected. He is inviting us to share His good news with others, to make disciples for Him. Romans 1:16 says that the "gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes..." Let us take hold of this, and share the power of the resurrection.

Let Him who can hold the wind, give hope and eternal life to those who have yet to discover it. May you find peace through His power. Amen.

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