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When Tragedy Strikes

This week hasn’t been an easy one for many people in Fort McMurray. Two people died on a road that I recently bicycled on near where I live in Wood Buffalo, and last Sunday there was a fatality just down the highway from our Anzac campus.

When tragedy strikes, it can be hard to know how to respond. If we say too much we can seem insensitive but if we don’t say anything at all it can seem like we don’t care.

Thankfully, Jesus gives us a good example to follow. When his friend Lazarus died, Jesus went to visit Lazarus’ sisters. He spoke with Mary about Himself—that He was the resurrection and the life. And then he asked Mary one question: “Do you believe this?” She admitted that she believed. And then, after seeing the tomb of his friend, Jesus wept.

So, how do we follow Jesus example? I think there are 3 things we can do as Christians when someone you know has lost a loved one.
1. Be there for them. (Give them your number and tell them to call you at any time of the day or night if they need someone to talk to.)
2. Point them to the hope of Christ.
3. Weep with them. Even if they aren’t Christians, at the very least, they will know that you cared.

Let’s continue to show our faith by our works. Sin and death take people from us but one day Jesus will return to make everything right again. Don’t lose heart. Don’t give up.

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