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49 to 50

Numbers are something we count on. That’s an obvious statement. Did you know that in the Hebrew language, a number not only represents quantity, but also carries a definition like a non-numerical word?

Consider the number seven, for example. Seven represents a quantity of 7 but, in Hebrew, it also means perfection, or complete.  We see this when God created: after 6 days of creating, the 7th day was a day of rest and signified the completion of creation. What happens when we have seven sevens? The quantity is 49, but the definition is “the natural end of a full cycle.” The number 49 coupled with the following number 50 becomes quite significant. Fifty is the number of transcendence. Therefore, moving from 49 to 50 is significant in Hebrew, because one moves from the completion of the natural stages into the supernatural.

I find it fascinating how God weaves these definitions into our history. Remember when the Passover was being celebrated in Egypt? Forty-nine days later the Israelites completed a journey to Mount Sinai. Day 50 was the day they would meet with the supernatural Creator, officially ending the cycle of slavery to the Egyptians, and become His Bride. In a way, this was going to be a wedding ceremony where the Groom (God) received the Bride (Israel). It was to be a glorious celebration! Sadly, the people were found to be in love with another god—the golden calf. Because of this adultery, 3000 people died.

Fast-forward hundreds of years and we come to Jesus’ death and resurrection-- the disciples are waiting in the upper room. Having finished the same Passover celebration, they are looking forward to the day of Pentecost. In other words, like the Israelites before, they are moving from the 49 days (signifying the completing of one era — “under the law”) into day 50 where they will meet with the supernatural. That is, the promised coming of the Holy Spirit! Once again, we see the picture of the Groom and the Bride! And, guess what happens? This time, 3000 people are saved—not dead!

We can stop here and simply be awed by how God orchestrates history and savour the moment, but let’s go on our own adventure! Let’s do our own transition from 49 to 50.  What cycle are you in right now?  Isn’t it time to bring it to completion and move into the presence of the supernatural? What “Egypt” is God calling you out of? Will you surrender to Him and be redeemed or turn back to the idol you are in love with? I invite you to join me. Let’s count on God and make that leap from 49 to 50.

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