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Children's Church

NorthLife offers age-appropriate programs for kids during the Sunday Celebration Service. Please ensure you sign you children in at the sign in desk prior to the start of the service for their program. (A second sign-in needs to be done for those that were in Sunday School)


Our Nursery is available to all moms and dads who need a quiet atmosphere with the comforts of home for their little ones during our services. There is currently no attendant for this age, but the sermon can be heard from the TV in the room.

Walking to 36 Months

Our Playroom is available for all toddlers who are walking up to 36 months old. It is staffed with volunteers who truly love as Jesus did. We have buzzers to hand out to parents if they need to call you back.

Ages 3 to 7 - S.T.A.R.S

Each week the children will attend their very own church service. While you are worshipping upstairs, the kids will worship downstairs.  It is done just like a church service except on their level! Children stay in the worship service until the announcements. After announcements and prayer, they leave with their leaders for their own special service. Please respect the time of our volunteers and collect your children immediately after the service.

Age 8 to 12 - Junior Disciples

We provide children in this age a sermon binder with questions that will encourage them to listen to the sermon. Binders will be kept at the church on our rolling shelf so that there is no need to remember to bring it each Sunday. Children in this age group can volunteer with parent supervision in different ministries. We want to encourage families to mentor and serve together.

Ages 12-18 - Leaders In Training (LIT)

Being a leader takes courage, discipline, and determination. It is not easy. This program is to help your teens grow and understand why every ministry area of the church is important in the service of God. Teens have a chance to volunteer in these ministries within the church and community with parent consent and encouragement and guidance from other adult volunteers they work with.