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Home Groups

NorthLife's Home Groups are a great way to fellowship and grow in your Christian walk among other believers!

Bible Study Monday at 7:30 pm

Bible study is at 7pm at Sheldon and Katherine Giesbrecht's home, 170 Oaks Crescent (Dickensfield). For more information contact Sheldon at 780-880-8521.

Bible Study Tuesday at 7:00 pm

Tuesday Night Zoom Bible Study is meeting 7:00 pm to approximately 8:30 pm. For more information contact Kevin & Cathy Anderson at 780-792-0076

Filipino Group Bible Study Friday Bi-Weekly at 7:30 pm

The Filipino group is hosting a Bible study every second Friday in Room 305 at the church downtown. For more information please contact Darrel Benas.

Please be aware that times and locations are contingent and subject to change. For more information please contact Pastor Mark.