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COVID-19: We're Prepared


Dear Friend at NorthLife:

As concerns about Covid-19 (coronavirus) continue to grow, NorthLife wants you to know we are taking steps to protect you and to also help you feel more comfortable with our worship gatherings. 

Although we do not believe it is necessary or healthy for everyone to retreat behind closed doors, we do want to be careful to fully cooperate with all health authorities. We are not a people of fear, but we do believe that a proportionate response to both the real and felt risks is now required.

For that reason, beginning this Sunday, we are implementing new protocols for your protection and to ease the concerns of those who are at greater risk.

What should you expect when you come to church? 

For your comfort and protection, we recommend:

- using the hand-sanitizer that is available upon entering the facilities.
- that everyone refrain from the shaking hands as a greeting and simply speak to each other.
- inviting people to leave empty space between them.
- washing your hands often and thoroughly.

We have increased our cleaning and sanitization measures for all frequently touched surfaces, including doors, tables, etc. throughout the church building.

We have sanitizing methods in place to protect our children. In addition to our regular cleaning schedule, we have added extra precautions for cleanliness.  Our children are a huge blessing to us, and we want to keep them as safe as we can.

When should you stay home from church?

If you have:

-  similar symptoms to the common cold, flu, fever, or cough.
- a higher risk of infection or have pre-existing health concerns.  

-  traveled to affected areas.
- come in contact with those who may have had Covid-19 exposure. 

 We are continuing to recommend that people who are not feeling well participate only from home.

 Please join us on our NorthLife Facebook page for live streaming, or listen to the recorded message anytime at our recently updated web page 

 As you are well aware, this is a constantly changing situation and I would ask that you continue to follow-up online and check your email for further changes and updates.  Be assured we are closely monitoring the situation and taking every precaution for your safety.

 These measures are going to help reduce the spread of any viruses, and your cooperation is essential.  However, these measures may also affect our ability to minister and have the resources needed to reach into our communities to the degree we feel called.  We are making our ONLINE GIVING option as convenient as possible in an effort to continue to have the needed resources available.  You can give online by clicking on the donate button on our web page .

 In Psalm 46, we are reminded that God is our refuge and strength, and our very present help in trouble.  Because of this, we do not need to fear.  As the rest of the world begins to react or even panic, we will trust God while taking measured steps to continue to gather safely.  After all, God is our refuge and strength! He is with us!

Join me this Sunday (online or in-person)


Pastor Mark Usher

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